Rondo AG remains on course for growth

Rondo AG has once again added two machines to the plant and equipment on its Czech site. A new die-cutter and a folder-gluer have been added to the existing ultramodern plant. These new processing machines are Rondo AG's response to the constant high demand from the market. At the end of last year, the company had already commissioned a Heidelberger Speedmaster XL 106 on its Czech site.

Rondo AG, based in Allschwil, remains on course for growth. At its Czech site in Ejpovice, Rondo AG has installed an ultramodern processing line consisting of a die-cutter and a gluing machine. The company, which specializes in the development and manufacture of folding boxes for the pharma industry, has now passed another milestone on the road to higher capacity and to the flexibility demanded by the market.

With the Bobst VisionCut 106 LER and the Bobst Expertfold 80 folder-gluer, the company has deliberately opted for well-established and highly efficient processing machines. Thanks to additional machine modules, Rondo AG is in a position to produce complex folding boxes even more efficiently than it does currently. In terms of security and quality, the machines employ the latest monitoring technologies to meet the ever more stringent requirements of the pharma industry.

After major investments in 2006, 2012, 2016 and 2018, demand for the Czech factory’s products has grown continuously. In the process, in parallel with smaller lot sizes in the production of pharmaceuticals, the volume of processing orders has also reduced, so the number of job changes per die-cutter/folder-gluer has been driven up. For efficient organization and order fulfilment, the company has therefore invested in additional capacity. This is also an important step against the background of the expansion of the sales network in eastern and western Europe. The incease in capacity means that Rondo, in both the Czech Republic and Switzerland, is perfectly prepared for customer orders which have already been placed and is also well equipped for continued future growth.