Tamper Evidence and protection from manipulation for pharmaceutical packages

From 2018 onwards, the external packaging of medicines must be provided with tamper evidence – as required by directive 2011/62/EU. Rondo offers you a number of effective solutions.

Best cost solution: Rondo's Tamper Evidence
With this solution Rondo has developed an intelligent and cost-saving folding box: Our tamper evidence is integrated directly into the structure of the folding box. This means that additional materials such as glue or labels can be eliminated entirely. Another advantage: with the Rondo Tamper Evidence solution, the speed of the machine is maintained, so you achieve optimal OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for your packaging line. In addition, simple opening and closing and the clear evidence of first-time opening ensure convenient and safe handling.

Advantages of Rondo Tamper Evidence

  • Packaging complies with the EU Falsified Medicine Directive (in accordance with DIN EN 16679)  – Rondo itself collaborated on this directive
  • Cost-efficient, since neither gluing nor labelling is necessary to reliably guarantee originality  
  • No adverse effect on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Clear and irreversible evidence of first-time opening by cut-outs on the lid flaps
  • Opening and resealing is just as easy as for Rondo's conventional folding boxes
  • The machinability of this solution has already been successfully tested on machines from various manufacturers


In addition to Rondo Tamper Evidence we also offer conventional tamper-evidence solutions: gluing, for example. In this case, an additional flap is glued to the lid flap of the folding box using hotmelt. The advantage of gluing is easy machine processing and a high degree of protection from manipulation.


The application of a label over the sealing edge of the folding box provides secure tamper evidence. In addition to easy machine processing and excellent protection from manipulation, the method is attractive in that it provides an option to integrate security features into the label.

Rondo Tamper Evidence
Flyer about Rondo's Tamper Evidence solution

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