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Counterfeit medicines, new legal standards and ever fiercer competition: in the pharmaceutical industry it is essential to meet the new challenges which are constantly thrown up. It is a good thing to have Rondo on side, with its close focus on current developments and future trends and the ability to produce intelligent solutions – encompassing standard folding boxes, clinical trial samples or one-off special boxes.

Greater safety for patients and producers.

Opt for Rondo, for effective protection from falsification of medicines – define the forms of the security features of your pharmaceutical packaging.



Your medicines in good hands.

Safe is safe: Rondo child-safe folding boxes are tested according to American standard CFR § 1700.


Child Resistance

A partner for successful trials.

Functional, GMP-compliant and high patient compliance: be on the safe side with our solutions for clinical trial samples.


Clinical Trials

The right dose at the right time.

Folding boxes with information cards help patients to comply with instructions for taking their medicines.


Patient Compliance

Unshakable: Safepack by Rondo.

Prevent glass breakage efficiently – with Safepack, the impact- and vibration-resistant folding box for liquid and semi-solid medicines.



Efficiency in series: coding with Rondo.

With digital print technology, Rondo enables direct serialisation of secondary packaging – in a single stage.



With security: Tamper Evidence by Rondo.

Rondo's cost-effective Tamper Evidence solution integrates the protection directly into the structure of the folding box and ensures that it can be re-closed easily.


Tamper Evidence

User-friendliness which pays off.

Rondo wallet packaging provides you with an economical and flexible packaging solution for sterile products, solids and liquids.


Wallet Packaging

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