Pharma 4.0

Digitization is changing the way medicines are manufactured and packaged. It influences products and their requirements as well as processes, services and business relationships. The Medipak Systems companies offer digital Pharma 4.0 solutions and services that give their customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries a competitive edge. They range from "smart" packaging to digital marketplaces.

Smart Packaging

With the Rondo App, information about your medication is bundled and made available. For users, it forms the gateway to the digital world. The app focuses on the needs of patients and the improvement of compliance.

The app is the gateway to the digital world.

Patient Support App

Technology Augmented Reality

The Rondo Augmented Reality App merges the physical and digital worlds. The intelligent pharmaceutical packaging serves as a communication medium with the patients and offers them a gateway to valuable information and services of the digital world. Rondos App focuses on solutions that address patient needs and increase patient adherence. The app can be used for both clinical trials and commercial products.

Advantages at a glance

  • Digital package insert with reading function
  • Easy management of personal data
  • Training videos for "home use" can be integrated
  • Automatic re-ordering at your desired pharmacy
  • Available for Android and IOS for all common systems
  • Adaptation of app content without artwork changes of the packaging 

Patient Support App

Technology NFC & RFID Tags

As an alternative to augmented reality, Rondo uses another technology for the production of intelligent packages: the integration of chips with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Here, too, the aim is to enable improved communication between patient, physician and manufacturer. At the same time, the radio chips contain a unique identity and thus make it difficult to counterfeit drugs. The chips can be described with additional information. In addition, they provide digital tamper evidence.

    Advantages at a glance

    • Possibility to store data
    • Automatic initiation of the app after scanning
    • A device can be started directly
    • Coding of data possible
    • Direct data exchange (temp monitoring -> tracking with the smartphone)
    • Duplication not possible (own ID)

    Interaction packaging - machine

    In addition to communication with the end consumer, smart packaging can also exchange information with the packaging machine during the production process. For example, the packaging can use a barcode or a data matrix code to tell the machine what content is to be inserted. Flexible feeding can be used to counter the trend towards personalized medicine.

      Advantages at a glance

      • The machine is controlled by information on the packaging
      • Personalized production and packaging in response to personalized medicine

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