SECURP´AK® - The childproof pack with ultimate user-friendliness

Together with the French company A.C.D., Rondo AG is developing the new, handy packaging, called Securp'ak®.

Securp'ak® is a childproof pack for solid products in a blister. During its development, particular emphasis was placed on ease of handling, in the form of a wallet.  For the products to be individually removed from the blister, the designated button must be operated. The mechanism inside the pack then moves back and forth. To remove the product, two actions must be performed at the same time: using a button, the user pushes the mechanism upwards and holds it fast. The product can then be pushed out of the blister. Afterwards, the slider springs back to its initial position. This sequence of actions cannot be carried out by children. Unlike conventional childproof devices, SECURP'AK is therefore safe from the first product which is removed from the pack to the last.

Video link, animation of the removal of the product from the Securp'ak®:

SECURP‘AK® advantages at a glance

  • Child-resistant until the last product is removed
  • Easy to use
  • «F1» certified
  • Senior-friendly
  • The format is optimized for the size of the blisters
  • The mechanical part made of plastic has been reduced to a minimum
  • Space for prescriptions to increase patient compliance
  • Possible adaptation to different blister formats
  • Suitable for clinical studies