Folding boxes on demand: Rondo's Supply on Demand solution enables small lot sizes to be handled efficiently

Rondo's Supply on Demand solution enables demand-driven supply of secondary packaging. To accomplish this, Rondo relies on automation of its processes and on close process integration with its customers.

At interpack 2017, Rondo, the packaging specialist for the pharmaceutical industry, is presenting a new supply chain solution for small lot sizes: Supply on Demand. The concept of demand-driven supply of secondary packaging covers the supply of small delivery quantities of consistently high quality within short delivery times of less than one week.

New serialization requirements, personalized medicine, the growing range of concentrations of active agents and increasing language and country versions mean that the plethora of secondary packaging for pharma products is constantly growing. As a result, the lot sizes of prescription medicines - original products as well as generics - are continuously falling. Pharma companies are coming up against the limits of their current logistics concepts. They are therefore seeking solutions both on a technical level and on a process level, in order to maintain their flexibility and at the same time to stem looming losses in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

At the process level, Rondo, with its Supply on Demand solution, now offers its customers the possibility of substantially reducing turn-around times for orders and re-procurement costs for customers. In contrast with established processes, in which several requirements are combined into one run, many individual orders can now be processed when required. To do this Rondo has automated its workflow and the workflow link with its customers by means of ERP integration.

At the same time Rondo has opted for new technologies in printing and processing which shorten set-up times and which avoid the waste which usually occurs. In addition, measures have been introduced to harmonize quality processes between Rondo and its customers. In this way Rondo avoids redundant activities by its customers by taking over goods inwards inspections for customers, whilst maintaining compliance with strict GMP standards. Warehousing on the customer's premises is also eliminated, as the precise quantity of goods can be delivered directly to the production line.

Rondo also offers its customers the option of printing batch numbers and the expiry date directly on folding boxes which have been ordered. This means that pharma companies do not need to integrate an inline printing solution into their packaging lines, which often involves a reduction in line speed. Other advantages of the offline solution are improved print quality and elimination of a process stage within the packaging process which has to be validated. Integration of security features as well as serialization – with accurate batch-based delivery for EU codes – is also possible. The Supply on Demand solution is also possible in combination with KIT Supply. In this case different parts of the secondary packaging, i.e. the folding box, leaflet, label, etc., are delivered on demand. This may reduce internal logistic costs for the pharma company.

Rondo invites visitors to interpack 2017 to obtain information about the new Supply on Demand solution on Stand A25 in Hall 16.