Child-proof to the last tablet

Rondo presents an innovative type of child-proof packaging for solid products in a blister. With CAREP'AK®, products are reliably protected from access by children until the last tablet is removed.

The CAREP'AK mechanism must be operated each time a tablet is removed: for safety right down to the last product.

At interpack 2017 Rondo, the packaging specialist for the pharma industry, is presenting a solution for child-proof packaging of solid products in a blister. Together with the French company A.C.D., Rondo has developed a suitable folding box for the patented CAREP'AK® system.

The mechanism is inserted inside the folding box and must be operated in order to enable the products to be pressed individually out of the pack. To do this two hand movements must be carried out at the same time: using a button, the user pushes the mechanism to the side and holds it fast. The product can then be pushed out of the blister. Afterwards, the slider springs back to its initial position. These actions, which cannot be carried out by children, must be repeated when each product is removed. Unlike regular child-proof systems, which often protect the box from children only before it is opened, the CAREP'AK is therefore safe until the last product has been removed. At the same time the system has been successfully tested for handling by senior patients. F1 certification has been awarded by Perritt Laboratories, Inc. (USA).

Rondo has designed the packaging for the CAREP'AK so that blisters with different tablet sizes and tablet quantities can be integrated into the pack.

A.C.D. and Rondo are co-operating in the marketing of CAREP'AK. Customers who are interested in this new type of child-proofing and who would like to integrate it into their folding boxes can rely on Rondo's packaging expertise. When developing each specific folding box, the company combines the customer's design and product requirements with the technical features of the CAREP'AK mechanism.

Interested visitors can see this new type of child-proof packaging for themselves at interpack, in Hall 16, Stand A25.