Smart Packaging

Smart packaging takes product personalization and product security to a new level. It concerns both communication of the pack with the patient and communication with the machines in the production process. At the same time, smart packaging increases the safety of products by incorporating tamper evidence or traceability or by recording harmful fluctuations in temperature affecting the product.

The package as an information carrier opens up new information and service options for patients and users of pharmaceutical products, such as:

  • Digital patient information leaflets
  • Audio patient information leaflets
  • Digital tamper-proof protection
  • Better product protection
  • Health management
  • Intake reminder
  • Automatic repeat order

In the packaging process, the package can communicate with packaging machines to increase OEE, i.e.:

  • Machinery settings are controlled/initiated via information on the packaging
  • Personalized production, packaging, labelling
  • Learning packaging: information is transferred to package

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